KNOW YOUR STATUS: Getting Tested with Samuel O'Toole!

Continuing with the Next Door stand against unsafe practices and supporting the education of others to get tested and know their status. We bring you a couple recent video uploads by SAMUEL O'TOOLE as he takes time to make one of his routine trips to the clinic!


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SCENE OF THE DAY: Cody Cummmings: Cody's Muffler Repair

Cody Cummings, proprietor of Cody's Muffler Repair, is a regular, hard-working American guy. He knows the value of treating his customers right. That's why he's decided to cut Tyler Ford a deal. But when Tyler's girlfriend takes off for the mall with all his cash, Tyler's in a pickle! It's a good thing Cody's willing to explore alternative avenues of payment.

After a long day of work, Cody's mammoth cock is begging to emerge from his dirty mechanic's jumpsuit. He can tell Tyler is remorseful and embarrassed about not having the money. When Cody tells Tyler the type of service he wants him to perform, Tyler is completely SHOCKED! He wants Tyler to suck his COCK in lieu of payment. Tyler's never done anything like this before and is extremely reluctant. But when an angry mechanic who's just spent arduous hours on your truck is about to shove his swollen boner in your mouth, sometimes you gotta compromise!



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Every Tuesday, Samuel takes time to put together a new video fan series where he answers the questions you have! If you would like to ask Samuel a question to be considered for the show, make sure you tweet the question to @samuelotoolexxx on twitter or email your question to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !


Watch Samuel O'Toole LIVE Tonight!

Members of get FREE access to his LIVE webcam shows every week on Tuesday night at 5 PM (PST) / 8 PM (EST)!

Don't miss this opportunity to chat with your favorite stud. Ask him anything that is on your mind, or just sit back and enjoy him while he strokes that massive cock and flexes every muscle in his sculpted body!

SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Twink: House Bangers

There seems to be a new gang of troublemakers lurking around lately. A notorious group of young men committing a string of crimes throughout the neighborhoods. Led by their notorious leader, Joey Hard, the House Bangers, as they call themselves, have shown no restraint. It seems that what these misguided youths get off on is breaking into your house and then getting off all over your couch, each other, the carpet, the family pet- whatever you got. Oh, the depravity! And if that wasn't enough, they also apparently film the whole thing for repeated viewing enjoyment. Lucky you!


SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Male: Brandon Lewis

Beneath the surface, below the level where civilization exists, a man with a wickedly insatiable appetite indulges his deepest yearnings. Thriving upon dank, dungeon air, Brandon Lewis enjoys the feeling of steel rubbing on his long, hard cock as he slowly fucks a link of chain fence.

His eyes show a craving for flesh while he strokes his dick, thinking of leather slapping his round ass on a moonless night. Watch this sexy fiend in heat closely as he satisfies his dark urges in an eruption of subterranean carnal pleasure.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Rod Daily: The Main Event

It's the showdown you've all been waiting for. Man to man, mano y mano, blow for blow. In this corner, we have the defending champion, unbeaten and quite the force, Rod Daily. And in the other corner, a very worthy challenger, a guy who really take one in the jaw, Calvin Koons. It's going to be a real struggle of will when these two men come together.

So sit back and grab something to hold onto, and get ready for the main event!


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