SCENE OF THE DAY: Trystan Bull: Raging Bull

Trystan Bull has been going to his particular gym for over a year now. He's gotten pretty good with the weights, pretty good with his endurance and cardio, but the area he is excelling at is in the cage hitting the bag. He has actually become quite a natural with his hands. Kyle Quinn is new to the gym, but he recognizes talent when he sees it, which is why he's had his eye on Trystan now for some time. Watch as the two of them spar, shadowbox and sweat together. And then watch as they wind down together from their workout. It turns out Kyle is quite a natural with his hands too. And his mouth... and his ass...



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COMING SOON: Next Door Buddies: The Bangover

Just a few short hours ago, Johnny Torque, Mason Star and Anthony Romero had one of the craziest nights of their lives... if only they could remember it. Then maybe they could explain the pain in their heads, and the more extreme pounding pain in their asses. Watch as these three learn the hard way that the funny thing about regret is, it's better to regret something you have done than something you haven't.

SCENE OF THE DAY: Rod Daily: Daily Scope

Rod Daily is alone and chilling out one fine afternoon, overlooking the scenic hillside through his telescope, when he happens to catch a glimpse of his neighbors getting a bit frisky by the pool. As he watches them fuck on the diving board, he gets excited, and his dick gets so hard he has no choice but to pull it out and long-stroke it, ultimately climaxing in a sticky mess all over himself.



The Hottest Cowboys in Porn!

So I've been noticing just how fine all these cowboy's that are popping up around Next Door Studios really are! So as a special little treat for ya'll, I've cooked up some extra spicy tastes of our cowboy's in action that I find to be the hottest cowboy's in porn!

Ya'll take a LOAD off, ya hear?!


SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Buddies: Wolfe Pack

Lurking just on the other side of that bathroom stall is a scavenger. A sex fiend so insatiable, he seeks pleasure anywhere hot men are taking off their clothes. Today we find him peeking underneath the stall door and through the glory hole, hoping to feast his eyes on a certain piece of man meat belonging to one Paul Wagner.

Paul has just finished a hard session of shadowboxing and solo sparring. He's worked up quite a sweat and has now retired to the locker room to clean up and change. But as he's putting away his gear, he notices Wolfie leering at him from the bathroom stall. When he knows he's been discovered, Wolfie emerges ready to fess up. Paul feels his privacy has been violated and doesn't feel like mincing words. When he notices Wolfie's dick beginning to swell, he knows exactly what this peeper wants. Wolfie's getting that large, meaty dick he was craving. Paul knows how to handle these bathroom scavengers - a good, hard ass pounding should keep this wolf at bay.



SPECIAL EDITON: Cody Cummings: Half Hour Hand Job Workout


New from the makers of the Cody Cummings Bend Over Workout comes an exciting new workout regimen that is sure to please everyone. The Half Hour Hand Job Workout is 30 minutes of double fisted action, with your host Cody Cummings, and his two demonstrators, John Magnum and Kandi Milan showing you how its done. With them guiding you at every step, you'll learn several new workout positions/exercises, and in no time you too will be able to “work it like a pro”.


SCENE OF THE DAY: Cody Cummings: Cody Cowboy

There's a new Sheriff in town, and his name is Cody Cummings. He's been riding all day through the Wild West, and now he's settled in for sundown in this little one horse town. Now Cody can sling a six-shooter with the best of them, but truth be told, he's really much more fond of using the pistol in his pants. Watch as he unwinds from the long hard day, before letting off his rifle in a massive explosion.



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