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Come See MARCUS MOJO Live in Sacramento This Wednesday!

Don't miss MARCUS MOJO Live and In Person this coming Wednesday, Oct. 26th @ CLUB 21 in Sacramento, CA! Come out dress for the Halloween costume contest and your chance to WIN $1,500.00 CASH & PRIZES!

Happy International Fisting Day!

Everyone at Next Door Studios and ClubInfernoDungeon.com would like to wish you a very happy INTERNATIONAL FISTING DAY! Join us in the celebration by checking out the hottest fisting scenes around in 1080p HD @ ClubInfernoDungeon.com!


MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Next Door Buddies: Dead Head

Kevin Crows and Anthony Romero are fucked and left and for dead. Well not literally. OK maybe literally. Stuck at a shitty Halloween party and already too late to head anywhere else, it turns out the night is threatening to be a total wash. Decked out in their sick costumes, they are literally all dressed up with nowhere to go. So, determined to make something out of nothing, they decide to make do with each other. Truth be told, they could do a lot worse, since both of these guys are about as hot as the undead could be. Sure to resurrect your cock from its slumber, go ahead and sink your teeth into this one.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Hookups: Thrill-Her

On a warm summer evening, somewhere on a clearing among rolling, grassy hills, we find James Jamesson escorting the lovely Brittany Amber home after a study session. Brittany has a secret crush on James and is quite chatty when she gets nervous talking to cute boys. James likes Brittany too, but he has a problem. Well maybe not a problem as much as a secret of his own.

You see, James suffers from a bizarre condition, one over which he has very little control. Otherwise a charming, sweet, well-intentioned young man, under certain conditions James becomes someone...or someTHING else. Yes, James is what's referred to in folklore as a 'werewolf.' But don't be frightened by this afflicted young man. You might, in fact, enjoy the way James stalks his prey when the spirit of the beast overtakes his senses. And you'll surely take great interest when he pulls out his large, swollen cock for Brittany to taste. But take caution when James ravages the defenseless young girl as primal instinct becomes too much to suppress. This werewolf fucks like an animal!



SCENE OF THE DAY: Austin Wilde: Armed & Dangerous

Austin Wilde is having sort of a weird day. Not only did he wake up in a hospital after being in a coma for about two weeks, but when he finally comes to, he finds out he's got someone else's arm attached to him. And this isn't some helping hand or a case of letting the fingers do the talking... no- this is one mean motherfucking hand. And when it's not strangling the life force out of its unsuspecting victim/carrier, it likes to satisfy its sexual cravings for hot juicy dick. Well Austin can definitely oblige you there Mean Mr. Hand.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Marcus Mojo: Enter the Mojo

In ancient times, the Elders talked of life's great mysteries and the great void. They would speak of a coming warrior whose heart would be pure, and whose ass would be tight. This warrior, it is said, must vanquish apprehension of the unknown, and fear no penis in Heaven and on Earth. It is said that a new incarnation of the warrior will arrive on Earth once every four hundred years, and you will know he is real by the size of the load he spews.

Marcus Mojo and Jack King have been hearing this tale from their trainers for a while now, and truth be told, they'd just assume spar a little then just fuck each other's brains out... leave all that 'vanquish apprehension' mumbo jumbo for Jet Li.



MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Rod Daily: Demonlover

From the most vile, heinous corner of Hell comes forth an ancient demon who has preferred not to be disturbed. But when just the right incantation is uttered from the mouth of curious young Silas O'Hara, the demon whose name is Rod Daily is summoned! Silas is chanting from an old book he bought at a wizard's garage sale last week. The old wizard warned Silas about this one, particular ritual, telling him the fabled demon Rod Daily would be loosed on the earth and seek to stuff his demon cock into the first tight asshole he should find. Silas was doubtful but speculative. When his curiosity gets the better of him, prepare for the damned creature's hellish wrath! Watch Silas suck demon Rod's evil dick before being pounded furiously by the fanged beast. But don't look directly into Rod's soulless eyes. Or he'll tear YOUR ass apart next! Enjoy!



SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Buddies: Ass Bandit

Quick, alarm the citizenry, there is fiend on the loose. Calling himself the Ass Bandit, he has been known to pressure people into sexual acts. Usually preying on young men in their 20s, the Ass Bandit (aka Logan Scott) is on the hunt for his next victim. Cut to our hero, young Paul Wagner, a seemingly innocent youth of today just trying to house-sit for the weekend. Of course, that can get pretty boring, so when the Ass Bandit finds his way to Paul's door, he's in for a surprise of his own!



MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Cody Cummings: Cockwork Orange

What's it going to be then, eh? A bit of the old in/out it seems for young Cody Cummings. He's found himself a pretty little lass that is very much to his liking. Heather Vahn should learn to keep her windows shut, what with all these lurking roust-abouts hanging around at night. One can never be too careful, less they should find themselves face to face with one of the more sordid of these hooligans, and subjected to his lurid juvenile fantasies of sexual and moral degradation. Probably gonna have to deep throat him as well.



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