April New Release Sale!

Next Door Studios - April 2012 New Release Sale!
Limited time offer! Receive all 5 of our new releases with this special Pre-Release offer at a discounted price of just $99.95! That's 60% off the retail price! Included in the deal are; Cody Cummings in HEAD GAMES, Samuel O'Toole in TOUCH YOUR TOES, MEAT HUNGRY, Marcus Mojo in HARD BOTTOM and FIRST TIMERS. Act now before this offer expires!

SCENE OF THE DAY: Samuel O'Toole: Sweet Solitude

The Irish dream, Samuel O'Toole is inviting you along for a very private, very intimate cock stroking session. It's a peaceful afternoon and Sammy has been aching to touch himself. Join him as he runs his fingers over those amazing, rippled abs and across his incredibly hot chest. Then feast your eyes on Sammy's plump ass while he spreads his cheeks for your enjoyment. You'll salivate as your cock bulges and pulsates, just like Sammy's when you see him take that fat meat pole in his hand. With every pump, you'll be pulled closer to Sammy himself, as you both build toward satisfying sexplosion.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Rod Daily: The Deep End

Rod Daily doesn't hire Johnny Ryder to clean his pool because of the "great job" he does with a net. Quite frankly, any flunkie could skim leaves off a pool service. No, the pool sweep thing is actually just a cover between Rod and Johnny to pull a fast one on Rod's beautiful wife, Bambi. Now Bambi has great tits but there's just something about the way Johnny's cock feels in Rod's mouth, plus Rod really likes the way Johnny fucks him from behind. So when Bambi steps out to shop one afternoon Rod makes the excuse to get the pool cleaned and Johnny comes over. After cleaning the pool out, he comes in to clean something else: Rod's cock with his mouth. Rod grabs Johnny's head and pushes his cock down his throat, and then Johnny turns the tables on Rod and does the same. Next Rod climbs the couch back and sits his ass on Johnny's face, so Johnny can spit lube it up before boning up on his pole work. All of this going Cum-azingly until Rod's wife comes home and sees the two of them cum covered and totally spent. Looks like Rod won't need the excuses anymore.



Friday, April 27th - Porn Star Next Door Tour - Nashville, TN

Don't miss the final weekend of the Porn Star Next Door Tour! Covering a total of 27 cities, this tour has proven to be a huge success! This weekend starts Friday Night in Nashville, TN at PLAY DANCE BAR! Be sure to check out the event featuring Marcus Mojo & Brody Wilder! Doors open at 9pm. Don't miss the amazing give-a-ways!

SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Buddies: Plowed Deep

Kevin Crows has been holding it in all day and now he's way past due to bust a nut. All prepped and ready to go, he's got his Iporn and his hand down his pants. There's only one problem: he has no inspiration. His imagination just isn't doing it for him, so he looks around for something a little more tempting. Cue Dominic Pacifico, hard at work out in the garden, working up a sweat out in the afternoon heat. Kevin stares at Domingo secretly through the window, until Dominic catches him spying. After that it becomes pretty obvious that neither one of them can take his eyes off the other, so Kevin invites Dominic in to take a load off. Or put a load on, depending on how you look at it. Dominic takes Kevin up on his offer and in no time he's going down on Kevin's rock hard dick, slobbering all over it and getting it nice and ready for stabbin'. Domingo then rides Kevin on the couch as Kevin reaches full intensity, exploding all over Domingo in a sticky mess that makes the Domingo forget all about his work outside in the field.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Cody Cummings: Juicy Details

Cody Cummings is back and this time he's keeping the mood relaxed to the max. He's oiling up and stretching out on the couch. He's focusing this time on rubbing and squeezing every little muscle he can find, working his way toward the growing beast in his underwear. Watch his fingers caress his chiseled physique as you get very intimate with the Next Door Stallion. You'll get a close look at Cody's oily ass as he spreads for you. Get your cock nice and fat to stroke in tandem as you both slowly bring yourselves to an explosive climax the way only 'Code C' knows how to do.



SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Twink: Ground and Pound

'SNAP!' Jay Cloud's foot hit the bag as he fired off a sound-splitting roundhouse kick. Morgan Shades had signed up for Jay's kickboxing class in hopes of learning a few techniques in case some shit ever went down on a late night in town. Morgan was scrappy, but he'd learned the hard way that eye gouges and nut punches aren't enough protection every time. Another young man by the name of Anthony Price was also taking the class. Anthony was lean and quick. He seemed to have some prior understanding of the moves Jay was teaching them.Morgan liked the way Jay's body moved. He was deliberate and calculated. Morgan knew he was in good hands. He listened to Jay closely, trying to mimic everything he could. When Anthony stood up and displayed a few of his own kicks, Morgan was impressed also by him. These two guys seemed to have an ability to clearly and concisely express the most important principles behind harnessing these deadly skills. When Jay pulled Morgan and Anthony beside him and told them get on their knees, both gentleman followed orders swiftly. And when Jay explained that the two must suck his incredibly large cock, Morgan asked no questions. Anthony seemed excited at the idea. By the looks of it, Morgan figured Anthony was an expert at this drill. Soon the three of them were all on the floor, Morgan with Jay's hard, strong dick in his mouth, while Anthony worked on Morgan's throbbing piece. Then Jay bent Anthony over on all fours, instructing Morgan to lubricate Anthony's ass with his mouth. When Anthony's tight hole was ready, Jay jammed in his bulging dick, thrusting it hard back and forth. Morgan stroked his cock and enjoyed the moment. Then the time came for Morgan himself to sit on Jay's behemoth erection. Morgan knew this was a lesson he'd never forget.



Introducing... Next Door Apparel

Next Door Studios is excited to announce the pre-launch of our new Next Door Apparel underwear line. The Spring 2012 collection will include three styles and 2 color options for each. Designed to enhance a mans physique, the custom stitching and cut give a little lift to assure everyone's pleased. Just like the products that Next Door Studios is known for, the quality of this underwear far surpasses the expectation!

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates including additional Next Door Apparel products to come! The official launch is scheduled for Mid-May 2012 and will be available through the Next Door Store as well as select retail locations.

SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Male: Trent Diesel

Trent Diesel has stopped by to chill out for a while and stroke his cock. You'll join him as he gets comfortable and divulges a bit about himself and what turns him on. Trent is a rare breed: extremely hot and very sexually enlightened. Find out what kind of porn he prefers, what inspired his various tattoos, and what makes Trent horny. Get a candid look at this hottie while he enjoys his thick, hard dick and caresses every inch of his chiseled, delicious body.



Next Door's Friday Night HEAT @ Phoenix Forum 2012

Next Door Buddy Profits on Tuesday announced a donation of $7,100 to the "Until There's A Cure" Foundation. The funds are the result of a charity fund raiser, Friday Night Heat, held at this year's Phoenix Forum on March 30. The charitable event included a special auction that allowed Phoenix Forum attendees to purchase the underwear of gay adult stars who performed live at the event.

"Thanks to the generous bids made by those attending the event, a total of $7,100 in donations was contributed directly from the auction," said Stephan Sirard, president of Next Door Entertainment.

"We are so pleased to see that an organization such as "Until There's A Cure" exists and we are looking forward to hosting more fabulous events to support this worthwhile organization. I want to thank all of the organizers of the Phoenix Forum and Timoteo who contributed greatly to making this year's event a great success."

Held in the Next Door Buddy Profits lounge, the Friday Night Heat event included live performances by 20 gay adult models from Next Door Studios and North America's biggest adult modeling agencies: Baileey's Productions, FabScout, Pacific Blue Agency, and Adult Models USA which together have recently formed GTAG.

"Until There's A Cure" is a national organization dedicated to putting an end to HIV/AIDS. Based and founded in Redwood City, Calif., UNTIL raises awareness and funds to combat this pandemic. Since 1993, their dream has been that no one else will become infected with HIV/AIDS.


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