SCENE OF THE DAY: Marcus Mojo: Snakebite

Kevin Crows is either really unlucky or the luckiest man alive. It just depends. Consider the facts. Unluckily, he is bitten by a snake while pissing outdoors, but luckily, his friends are nearby and they just so happen to be really good with venom. Unlucky? The snake bite is on Kevin's dick. Lucky? The two friends there to suck out the venom are Marcus Mojo and Joey Hard. In no time at all, Kevin has forgotten all about the pain, and the three of them are handling, sucking and fucking each other's 'snakes'.


SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Buddies: A Focus on Balls

When it comes to billiards, Tyler Ford displays the kind of dedication that could take him straight to the top. Logan Scott, however, has got his focus on something else- a different set of balls- but make no mistake... he's got the dedication to get straight to the top as well... the top of Tyler's dick. In retrospect, maybe Tyler isn't that focused after all. It's not like it takes much convincing from Logan to let him put his stick in Tyler's pocket.


SCENE OF THE DAY: Cody Cummings: Laying Down The Law

In the hardened, dangerous city, Cody Cummings is a no-bullshit cop. He's seen it all, from the dirtiest, street corner blowjobs to the deadliest, bloodiest drug stabbings imaginable. That's why he likes this easy stuff. But Tony Newport and his gang of young party animals are in for a hell of an afternoon.

Neighbors have complained of loud noise and the smell of pot smoke coming from the Newport house. Officer Cummings doesn't mince words once he shows up. After frisking Tony and one of his accomplices, Cody follows Tony to a back room where he offers him the 'easy' way out of trouble. Tony decides to get off easy of course. That means he'll have to take Officer Cummings giant, stiff cock down his throat until this hardened cop is happy. Don't fuck with the law.


BLOG UPDATE: Cody Cummings: Until Next Time...

Until next time…

June 13th, 2011 »

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Man! Jason Kidd's defense was solid tonight. JJ, and Terry played amazing. Dirk was dirt. He had a terrible game. I kinda felt bad for him. But fuck him, they won! They won! I was so fired up for them. Good series. The Heat needs to fire their coach and bring it next year. We gonna see Pat Riley coach again? I would love it….



SCENE OF THE DAY: Samuel O'Toole: Taking It Hard

Kevin Crows just seems to lack the competitive spirit. Just doesn't have the edge. It's not that he needs to have a giant ego, or a madman's disposition, but check it out: he lost his first fight the other night, and it doesn't even bother him. Forgot to mention that his opponent was a girl. For Samuel O'Toole, Kevin's trainer, this is just too much to bear. So when it's time to hit the gym again, Samuel has a plan. Since Kevin is so bad at hand to hand grappling on the ground, Samuel has decided to make today's session all about the mat. So the two of them hit the floor, but it soon becomes obvious that Kevin's lack of focus will derail them yet again. In not time, Kevin has Samuel naked and the two of them are going mano y mano in a completely different sport.


SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Male: The Tie In

Frank Fox is all tied up at work and isn't going to get out any time soon. Invoices, product sheets, order forms... aghhh! It's enough to drive him mad. He needs to unwind and loosen up a little, so he decides to go ahead and tie one on... around his dick, that is. Watch as he chokes, binds and eventually squeezes out his workload.


Fleshjack & Next Door Studios announce the Winners!


Fleshjack by Fleshlight, the world's number one selling gay sexy toy company, and Next Door Studios announced the three winners to become the new Fleshjack Boys.

After thousands of votes, the winners of the contest are Cody Cummings, Austin Wilde & Samuel O'Toole!

During the month of May, Fleshjack and Next Door Studios held a two-week contest that allowed consumers from around the world to vote on which Next Door Studios exclusive model they would like to see have a custom made Fleshjack and dildo. The six models that participated in the promotion were Austin Wilde, Cody Cummings, Marcus Mojo, Rod Daily, Samuel O'Toole and Trystan Bull.

"I am very excited to be working with Next Door Studios. All of the new selected guys are very attractive and will be a great addition to our Fleshjack Boys line" commented Daniel Pacheco, marketing manager at Fleshjack. "Our customers spoke and we listened! I can't wait for everyone to experience the new Fleshjack Boys products."

Stephan Sirard, president of Next Door Entertainment said,"It was a lot of fun to work with the team at Fleshjack and get the fans directly involved in choosing their favorite models. We are really proud of our roster of exclusive models and to have three of them chosen to have customer Fleshjacks and dildos created is really fantastic. Thanks to everyone who voted."

The custom Fleshjack products and dildos will be avilable in late 2011.


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