SCENE OF THE DAY: Cody Cummings: All Access

Cody takes you behind your favorite scenes and gives you a look at how it all gets done. From make-up to lotion, photo shoot to scene, you get a first hand sneak peek at it all. Watch as Cody gets ready for his shoot, then spy on an ultra-sexy photo shoot, and stick around for a messy solo scene starring the Stallion himself, Cody Cummings.


Watch Cody & Johnny LIVE Tomorrow Night!

Mark your calendars for tomorrow night! Cody has his buddy Johnny Torque back with him for another hot 1 hour LIVE webcam show via! Free to all members of the website!

SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Twink: Webcam Waiting Game

Hayden Chandler is a very impatient boy. He and his friend Logan have been waiting for their friends for over a half hour and are becoming a bit antsy. Hayden wants to call them to find out when they'll arrive, but Logan has other, sexier plans.

Logan has been messing around with his webcam lately and wants to put on a little show while he and Hayden wait. Hayden is very reluctant though and not so sure putting sex on display in the middle of the afternoon is entirely appropriate. Good thing he's a pushover! Once Hayden's shirt comes off, it's on with the party. Hayden is wrapping his lips around Logan's luscious cock for their webcam pals (and you) to enjoy. Then he's sitting on Logan's enormous dick with pleasure, and riding like the boner-loving young Twink he is.


SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Male: Rock Hard At Home

Randy Rock is sleeping his night off in his bedroom. Hazy are the memories from the night before, but he seems to recall a few things. The drinks, the music, and the raging boner in his pants. When he reaches down and feels between his legs, he realizes that, at the very least, he still has the boner. So he starts by massaging his throbbing cock, running his hands all over his chiseled body, flexing and stroking for your amusement.



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SCENE OF THE DAY: Marcus Mojo: Loosen Me Up

Marcus Mojo has got himself a problem. Damn Shake Weight. It seems that he was working out with this little gadget and managed to really fuck his shoulders up. Luckily for him, the gym has recently added an in house masseuse, Dominic Pacifico. Dominic is great at what he does, and before too long, he's got all the kinks worked out of Marcus' system. Of course, in the meantime, he has also managed to work up quite a healthy boner. But no matter, one good turn deserves another, so Marcus immediately helps himself. In no time, both of them are feeling much better!


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SCENE OF THE DAY: Next Door Buddies: Sweet Fucking Revenge

Jay Cloud is not happy with Adam Wirthmore and Marko Lebeau. They fucked Jay's girlfriend while he was out of town and Jay has decided to get revenge. He's kidnapped, blindfolded, and tied them up so he can pour beer all over their bodies.

Adam and Marko have no idea what's going on. But they're finding out what happens when Jay gets upset...the hard way. Jay is sparing them no punishment as he slaps them both with his dick, making them each to suck his throbbing boner. And when these guys realize they're about to get fucked good in their tight holes, the meaning of 'sweet revenge' becomes delightfully evident.


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